About ME

Whats up my friend! My name is blade and I am currently studying for a Master's degree in Sports & Motivational with the aim to work as a professional coach in e-sport. I've dedicated my entire time to esports coaching. I'm more than an expert; I'm a sports psychologist, a mentor, and mechanical. Let's work together, and start winning more.

My work style.

1- Analysis: I will take a closer look at your gameplay and make a judgement of what your strengths and weaknesses are. The analysis could consist of a VOD + OP.GG that you present - or you playing in live action. The analysis will focus on your decision making, playstyle, mechanics (champion usage, farming, positioning)

2- Application of knowledge: After adressing your weaknesses, I will workout a plan on areas you should practice, for instance (Wave control, map rotation, champion picks, etc.). And show you precisely how to implement these elements into your gameplay.

3- Emotional tools: whether you are TOXIC or , TILT learning basic emotional skills can help you improve as much as learning hard facts. In fact, this will also help you to LEARN ON YOUR OWN.

4- Feedback & Evaluation: Depending on the amount of lessons we have arranged, there will be a feedback and evaluation element incorporated, which invites you to think critically of the things I have taught you and further question and challenge me as a teacher, so that we together can improve in the ways we think, learn and teach. This is also a key element to retain some of the knowledge gained in the lesson.

During the session, I will be writing down notes, that will be handed to you once the session is over, so you can review the things we learned. My schedules are 3 hours per day. But we can talk and create something flexible. Thanks for check! I will wait for you.