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We provide VPN protection as a standard for every user of AZ Boost to ensure account safety against RIOT. Every lol elo booster at AZ Boost has a private VPN protection while working on your LoL account

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Are focused on providing services similar to a coaching beyond the standards of the game. We focus on practice-based training


We offer a personalized guide where you can learn macro game and basic standards to improve as a player.

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Our live support will be available 24/7 and It will be happy to assist you with any request you might have before purchasing our services

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While your account is being lol elo boosted you can choose from different options, so you can track the progress that is being made on your account. After, purchasing any type of boosting you will have access to the member's area. If you are also interested in spectating the games which are being played while your account is being lol elo boosted, you can just simply create another League of Legends accounts and add your main account as a friend.


Your can handle it

You can choose the champions and positions you prefer before starting the order! That way our boosters are going to prioritize them if possible! We want to provide the best experience possible to our customers, you can also leave a note with important requests or ask a booster to use your summoner spells key combination. You can pause your order if you want.



We are recruiting only among the best League of Legends players. Minimum requirement for our applicants is Diamond 2 at least, this is why we have boosters with a lot of experience. Your account will be in the good skilled hands. We have 50 boosters available right now. Ready to work and make your experience good!


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Hi there! After buying an order and take our services you can talk to the booster. Live chat works 24/7. You can ask him any questions and set up game schedules.